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Diamonds by Nelson Pereira

May 4, 2020

Beautiful lies,

Soulful ties,

Turbulent skies,

I wade a beach with peaceful waters,

It rains diamonds where I'm from.

My soul exists like dew drops in atmosphere,

I am a reflector, born a gentle spectre,

navigating the world with mutable spirit.

Everyone sees different version of meeeee's,

Neither from here or from there..

My existence is fleeting,

It rains diamonds where I'm from.

Will you join me?

Let's d i s a p p e a r

The air is fresh and crisp,

It smells like the deepest shade of blue,

Let's walk eternal beaches and map the infinite shorelines with the soles of our feet.

Forget material pain,

Dissolve all our disdain,

and embrace what pertains to our spirits.

Look! the twinkles in the sand,

The clouds have just showered our land,

It rains diamonds where I'm from.