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Sep 10, 2021

We update you after 33 days of not posting. Miami stories, Alva's aversion to filming with other content creators, Jeremy Scott biting Melanie Martinez, and stan wars.


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Aug 6, 2021

We're back from a month long hiatus! We unpack why Hard Summer was so... hard. We catch up on music, memes, relationships, and our work life!


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Jul 9, 2021


Dieting, Calorie Counting, Weight Loss.

Hello friends, this week we dive randomly into our passion for fitness and heath. We start off talking a bit about our lifestyle approach currently then go into a conversation making comparisons to BBL surgery culture, being skinny, and fitness culture as a whole. 



Jul 3, 2021

Hi friends! Late upload this week, apologies for that. Tune into the latest of what we think of Britney's conservatorship, the BDSM scandal of a New York political candidate, a recent ecological disaster in Mexico, and recent fear mongering concerning sex workers on Onlyfans.

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Jun 15, 2021

Hi friends! We have something very special for you today. Alva's sister Liz joins us with our friend Peter and we do a round of tarot card readings. We all ask the cards what the following six months of 2021 have in store for us. Tune in for the fun and let us know if you resonate. Video version of this episode will be...