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Aug 5, 2022

Hello friends! We are back this week with the return of Beysus!! Have ya'll experienced Renaissance yet? We went to a super Gen Z party and somehow poppers were brought up?!

Jul 26, 2022

Hi friends - Join us for this week's topics. A new virus just dropped, pink sauce has us worried, and Rosalia is just a big weirdo, along with more!


Hello Gen-Z & girlies we see you listeninggggg ;)

Jul 17, 2022

After nearly a 10 month hiatus we are back friends! So much character development in the past year, we hope you all are well.The elephant in the room this episode is Alva's divorce being FINAL!

Sep 10, 2021

We update you after 33 days of not posting. Miami stories, Alva's aversion to filming with other content creators, Jeremy Scott biting Melanie Martinez, and stan wars.


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Aug 6, 2021

We're back from a month long hiatus! We unpack why Hard Summer was so... hard. We catch up on music, memes, relationships, and our work life!


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